Maintenance recommendations for glass droppers

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In order to ensure the actual use effect of the glass dropper, it needs to be carefully maintained and maintained. Here are a few suggestions: 1. Regular Cleaning: Cleaning the glass dropper with an appropriate glass cleaner is essential. This prevents any residue (such as cosmetics, drugs, etc.) from adhering inside and affecting its performance.

glass dropper2. Avoid Slamming: Glass droppers require extra care due to their fragile nature. Avoid bumping or slamming to prevent shattering. 3. Storage method: The storage process is a vital part of the glass dropper. Please store it in a dry place out of direct sunlight while avoiding visible bumps.
Pay attention to liquid leakage: Viscous liquids, such as certain concentrated medicines or pigments, may leak into the liquid tube and cause damage to the glass dropper. Therefore, it is best to carry out regular inspections and maintenance during use.
In general, maintaining a glass dropper requires patience and care. If cared for and maintained in the correct manner, these devices will last for a long time and maintain a high level of performance.
Through the above introduction and analysis of maintenance recommendations for glass droppers, hope it helps you.

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